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    and quickly. BookmixMixBook - this
    Electronic Presentation - Keynote (Mac) is much like PowerPoint. Students can add video clips to their presentations - either movies they've created or clips from Discovery Streaming. Music, narration, photos can all be added to create a jazzy presentation.
    Wikis - create a wiki. Students can easily organize their research in a wiki and include links to YouTube videos, add photos or artwork, and add audio files. It is then published to the web so others can learn from their hard work. The discussion area will be a great place for the student to pose questions regrading his/her topic so others could respond.
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    Buhler Technology Resources & Tutorials:
    Since there are so many collaborative tools today, students must have email accounts. Here's a couple of safe options:
    *ePals(now available on the Kan-ed Desktop)

    This wiki was created by Mary Frazier, District Integration Technology Specialist, Buhler 313, Buhler, Kansas.

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Saturday, January 14

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    The following Google tools can be found on the google home page. Click on the word 'more' and scroll down to documents.
    *Google Notebook - install, clip info into the notebook, this will replace Source Cards and Note Cards. I've noticed that some teachers require students to copy/paste directly from the Internet. Then the student rewrites the information. This way the teacher can see the original text and what the student has done with it. In Google Notebook the student can very easily clip the information from the Internet, then right below it they can rewrite it. They can share their notebook with the teacher so it will be very handy for the teacher to see how the research is going for each student. THIS IS AN AMAZING TOOL! BAD NEWS! Google is no longer supporting the notebook. If you have a google notebook already you will still be able to use it. No new accounts will be made. I'm looking at other tools that might replace this. Two have been mentioned so far: Zoho Notebook and Evernote. I'll add them once I've researched them more thoroughly.
    *Google Documents - The documents in Google are going to look very similar to any word processing document. The advantage to using Google documents is the fact that it can be a collaborative document. The student can invite the teacher to collaborate on his/her outline, thesis statement, introduction, etc. The teacher can then leave comments and suggestions. If the student needs information from someone in another country or area they can invite that person to join their google document. There are all kinds of possibilities here.
    *Google Spreadsheets - If the student has any data to collect and illustrate by means of a graph, then Google spreadsheet will be a helpful tool. It now has a form attached to it so the student can create a survey for others to fill in. Once participants complete the survey the data goes right into the google spreadsheet where the student can analyze the data and create a graph.
    *Google Presentation - Students can create power points and upload them into Google Presentation. Or presentations can be created right inside of Google Presentations. These also are collaborative. The creator simply invites team members to join as collaborators. The chat feature is nice in that the teacher or the rest of the classmates can comment on the presentation.
    Visual Thesaurus (Part of the Kan-ed Desktop)-- students can
    Lexipedia ( - Very much like Visual Thesaurus except it is free!
    Visual Dictionary ( - This is just what it says it is: a visual dictionary. Here's a picture of the hydrologic cycle. Each term is a link to its defintion.
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    Here's a great visual for the research process called How to Do Research. Each piece of the visual is linked to an explanation.
    Other resources can be found on Mary Frazier's portal.
    Mary's Blog:
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