a pinch of browser features:

Firefox - A Browser of Choice

The most recent version of Firefox is and can be download from http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/features.html.
Read about some of the great features of Firefox.

Tabbed Browsing
When students or teachers are researching, it is handy to use the tabbed browsing feature. This allows several sites to be open at one time all in the same window. While in Firefox, go to File/New Tab. The shortcut command is command t. Or simply double click in the gray area beside the last tab to open another tab. If you have too many tabs open to fit, an arrow appears on the right side and you'll be able to arrow through the sites. If your computer really starts slowing down, you might want to close a few tabs! If you accidentally close a tab, you can go to History and look at the Recently Closed Tabs.

If your students use the same computer each day they should set up bookmark folders. At the beginning of the research process, students should go to Bookmarks in the menu bar then choose Organize Bookmarks. Click on New Folder and name it appropriately. Students might choose to complete the description - this is optional. Now that the bookmark folder is set up students can bookmark sites that they think they might use. While they are working on this project, you might want them to put their bookmark folder right on the toolbar. Inside Organize Bookmarks is a folder called Bookmark Tool Bar. Drop the folder into the Bookmark Tool Bar. Now it will be out in the open and handy for students to access easily. If your students want to open all of their bookmarked sites at once, they should click on the folder. At the bottom of the list of bookmarks, click on Open All in Tabs.

I would suggest setting up your own personal bookmarks on your computer using folders. Bookmarks can really get out of hand. If you create your folders early then select a folder every time you bookmark a site, your bookmarks will be much more organized.

Powerful Features of Firefox