Season lightly with citations

*Son of Citation Machine

Bib Me! This tool is a fully automatic bibliography maker that auto-fills. It's the easiest way to build a works cited page. And it's free. This one is MY favorite!!!!

Easy Bib - another online tool for easily creating citations.

How to cite web resources:

Online! Citation Styles

Anti-Plagiarism Strategies for Research Papers

A pretty extensive list of sites can be found at GWP Guide to Plagiarism Sites.

Vaughan Memorial Library: Tutorial on Plagiarism
Need a little help teaching students about plagiarism? In this tutorial, different scenarios are given. If you were using this for group instruction it would help guide a great discussion.

Information Literacy
Anyone can publish on the web! This really needs to be made clear to students! How can we be sure that what our students are researching is accurate, true information? Require your students to verify their facts on at least two other sites. This may sound like a lot of work but it can be done pretty quickly and painlessly.
Alan November has some sites listed on his page that are fictitious sites. Use these with your students to prove that not everything on the web is truth. My favorites are All About Explorers and the California's Velcro Crop Under Challenge.