Have a taste - the final assessment

RubiStar - this is a great place to find rubrics for a variety of projects: speeches, multimedia presentations, brochures, and many other projects. If you want to tweak a rubric you'll find it very easy to do! Change almost anything on the rubrics to make it work for you.

PBL Checklists - these are also very easy to create. Use the checklists items or create your own.

*Intel's Assessment Tool - you must have a username and password to use this tool. It is worth the time though. There are many assessments created. These include assessments on group work, creativity, management skills, and many other topics. These can also be tweaked if you want to make changes.

Links to KWL Charts

Teacher Vision - this is a subscription site but you can view and print about 6 printables.

Education World: Teacher Tools and Templates
Scroll down to find the graphic organizers.